Hi Folks! 👋

We just shipped two updates that we think y'all will be happy about. The first is something many of you have inquired about. The second is an improvement that you never knew you wanted but we just knew that you did.


Change Workflows on Existing Projects and Mailboxes

Currently once a project or mailbox has been created, its workflow cannot be changed in order to prevent status conflicts. Create an experience that allows users to map statuses from the current workflow to the new one when statuses may exist in one but not the other.

Michael Sanders


In the past once you've created a project or mailbox, you weren't able to change its workflow.

But why?! This was to avoid status conflicts where a given status existed in the current workflow but not in the new workflow.

With this update, we've created an experience that allows you to easily map statuses from the old workflow to the new one. Now you can change workflows on any project or mailbox at any time, as long as you're an Admin or Owner.


Ready to change workflows? Have a look at our help doc to see how it's done.


Encourage Status Updates When Commenting & Replying

Updating status is one of the most important updates one can make when commenting or replying. Too often, people can forget to update status or even assignee. We're updating the comment / reply experience to encourage status updates. We'll also be updating the UI when only two statuses are available next and present them as buttons to simplify the experience.

Michael Sanders


Here's an update that you may have not known you wanted but you will once you see it in action. 🙂

In our observations of our customers and even that of our own team, we realized that folks were frequently leaving a comment and then forgetting to update status when they really should have. After reviewing activity data, we discovered that status updates were the most common and also accidentally overlooked.

People would leave a comment and then realize they should've updated status too. We thought we could encourage status updates with a few tweaks to the UI.

You'll see that we've now ordered updates from left to right to make it more readable and emphasize the most important parts first. You'll easily see an item's current status, which statuses are available next and then be able to assign and prioritize it based on the comment or reply you're leaving. We even update the button label to describe the type of update you're making. Is it only a comment? Or is it a comment along with updates to status and assignee?

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 4.21.47 PM

What's even better is that when there are only two statuses available next, they're exposed as individual buttons to make it easier to update status and encourage folks to do so.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 4.22.56 PM