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Introducing Webhooks & Streamlined Bulk Editing 🚀

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Good news, DoneDone'rs! We've been hard at work and we have two amazing new features for you - Webhooks and a streamlined bulk editing experience.


We're excited to share these with you and make your workflow even smoother. Read on to learn more about how they work and how you can start using them today!




Introducing Webhooks

Webhooks are here to make your life easier by empowering you to integrate DoneDone with your favorite apps and services. With our creator-in-chief Ka Wai's help, you can now see how to use Webhooks in DoneDone with this handy video.




Support for webhooks for other integration opportunities.

Michael Sanders


If you need any help working with Webhooks, check out our help doc.


Streamlined Bulk Editing.

We also want to make sure you're working efficiently. That's why we've put together a streamlined bulk editing experience that lets you update groups of tasks in fewer clicks than ever before!