More Ways to Auto-Respond 🤖


We're not stopping with Kanban and wanted to get some nice mailbox improvements to everyone quickly.

Want one auto-response for new mailbox conversations and another for replies? And you want different auto-responses altogether after office hours? Yes, you do! And now you have it!


Excited to let y'all know that we've just released two popular improvements to DoneDone mailbox auto-responders. 🚀


Autoresponder only when ticket initiated

I'd like to set the autoresponder to only send on the initiation of a new ticket so they don't get responses like "Thanks for your ticket, we currently have a 48 hour response time" every time they reply to the team.

Ryan M



Separate autoreponders during office hours and outside of office hours.

I'd like to have separate autoresponders for during office hours and outside of them so I can craft separate messages for each, keeping my customers up to date on my team's availability.

Michael Sanders


Whether you're new to mailbox auto-responders or have been waiting for these updates, take a peek at our handy help doc to learn how to use them. 🙂