Hi Folks,

We just made a minor update that should be a nice quality of life improvement for all of you.

DoneDone will now remember more of your view and filtering preferences for each project you interact with.

This should help present the view your prefer without needless toggling between list and kanban views. 🙂


Make the Kanban / List Toggle Sticky

I'd like DoneDone to remember whether I chose Kanban or List so that I don't have to reselect my choice when navigating throughout the app.

Michael Sanders



Make filters on the conversations tab "sticky"

Right now, if you set filters on the conversations tab and then navigate away from and back to it, the filters reset to Status Type: Active and Sort By: Updated. It would be great if whatever filter we created stuck at least for the remainder of that browsing session if not until we clicked reset filters.

Ryan M